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Financial Planning for Speech Language Pathologists

Why does an SLP need to work with us?

Whether you just earned your CCC's or have been in practice for many years, we've learned that all SLPs are extremely busy.  From developing IEPs and typing up evaluations to seeing patients and billing insurance, you jump from activity to activity to be a successful employee or private practice owner.  In addition to your career, your calendar gets filled with family obligations, children's activities, and other personal relationships that leave you with a genuine lack of time.

Our work with the SLP community has taught us that financial issues cause an equal amount of stress as the daily pressures of your job responsibilities. Without the appropriate time to evaluate all of the financial obligations, opportunities and threats that exist in your life, can you afford to go at it alone?

My team and I are here so you don't have to.

You have 3 choices for employment as an SLP

W-2 Employee

As an employee, you receive salary, bonus, retirement plan options, a health plan, insurances and a vast array of benefits offered by your company.  Did you check a bunch of boxes at the beginning of your career without reading the supporting documents that explain the definitions of each benefit?

These definitions are often buried in the fine print of hundreds of pages of PDF. 

Learn more about the fine print

Independent Contractor

As an independent contractor, you have elected to be paid by someone via a 1099 tax form.  You waived any benefits offered by your employer by electing this form of payment. 

Do you have questions about what benefits you need?

Learn more about procuring benefits

Private Practice Owner

Congratulations on being a small business owner!  We believe that all small businesses must go through a path of three steps in order to be success...

  • Protection
  • Growth
  • Exit/Sale
Learn more about the path to success

Why did I start working with Speech Language Pathologists?

When my wife, Lauren, graduated with her master's degree in Speech Pathology, she needed to evaluate what employment path she would take as she began her career.  We read through half a dozen employer contracts and group benefits to evaluate what was best for our specific situation.  After doing our due diligence, Lauren decided to become an independent contractor.  After Lauren made her decision, I started receiving phone calls from her classmates asking for help evaluating the same decisions for their specific situations.  

What started as making one decision for our family has turned into professional relationships with dozens of SLP employees, independent contractors and private practice owners.  No two financial situations are the same and I encourage you to evaluate all of your employment options with a financial professional.

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Future SLP Class of 2042(?)

Our Daughter, Zoe, has already decided that she wants to be an SLP.  She loves helping Lauren create new activities to practice with her students!

Learn more about our financial philosophy in our blog!

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